round five - june - is finished! see the works
round six - september:
Sep 2 - sign ups opened!
Sep 8-10 - (organization)
deadline: September 30
participants: 34
prompts: Biblical symbols
this month's promo graphic by padaleckhi.
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icon contest
prompt contest
(both have no deadline, are always ongoing, and i may choose icons and prompts whenever i find suitable)


you need a firm hand.
you need a father.
and i am your father now.
Castiel Graphics Challenge
starlightiel vs. calthasar Prompt: Sceptre, symbol of God's rule.


Castiel Graphic Challenge

brothersinsync vs. twistandlove

Prompt- Hands: A Symbol of Power



Castiel Graphics Challenge
samhellbound vs. hallowedbecastiel 
prompt: thunder and lightning: a symbol of God’s magesty

THE CASTIEL GRAPHIC CHALLENGE | amyskhaleesi vs. padaleckhi  
prompt: a dove; a symbol of the holy spirit 

and a ruler of the skies. [x]

THE CASTIEL GRAPHIC CHALLENGE  |  padaleckhi vs. amyskhaleesi | prompt: a dove; a symbol of the holy spirit


Castiel Graphic Challenge

reubenchivesVS deansbrave

Prompt: The Rainbow: A Symbol of God's Covenant


"And God said to Noah 'This is a sign of the Covenant I have established between Me and all life on Earth"

Castiel Graphic Challenge

deansbrave VS reubenchives

Prompt: The Rainbow: A Symbol of God's Covenant


thunder is god’s instrument to invoke awe and righteous fear into those who do not yet fear The Lord.

Castiel Graphics Challenge

mirthfulcas vs. nosignofwings

prompt: thunder, symbol of god’s voice

Castiel Graphics Challenge
gadrecl vs charlie-bradbury-winchester
prompt: Arrows: Symbols of God's judgement

A little more info on this month’s challenge;

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