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this month's promo graphic by padaleckhi.
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icon contest
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Castiel Graphics Challenge

punkrockcrowley vs. davidmitchellestmonheros
prompt: the human body, the symbol of interdependence

Castiel Graphic Challenge  |  stardustedcas vs. punkzombies
Crown- a symbol of immortality


Castiel Graphics Challenge
kiernsimon vs. punkzombies
prompt: God's eyes as a symbol of his awareness


castiel graphics challenge
punkzombies vs. humanitydean
prompt: crown, a symbol of immortality

youve only got twelve or so hours to publish your works! better work on them! -alex

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"and behold, there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven" (Genesis 28:10-19)

castiel graphics challenge
tattooedbrothers vs. raisedfromperdition
prompt: stairway, a symbol of the way to God


castiel graphics challenge 
supernaturallyartistic vs. werewolvesangelsandhunters
prompt: fire: a symbol of the holy spirit

Castiel Graphics Challenge

samhellbound vs hallowedbecastiel

prompt: lightning ~ symbols of God’s majesty.


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Castiel Graphics Challenge 
glorioustiel vs charliewinchester
Prompt: Mountains, a symbol of the kingdom of God